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The Complete Guide for Submitting Your Application to the Electric Distribution Operator

The energy transformations taking place in Romania follow European trends in the field. A key element of these changes is the emergence of prosumers – consumers who also become producers of electric energy. But how do you become a prosumer, and what are the advantages of this status?

What Is a Prosumer and How Can You Become One?

Prosumers are individuals or entities who both produce and consume electric energy. To obtain this status, you need to go through specific steps and meet certain conditions, which vary from obtaining certifications to connecting to the public electric grid.

Benefits of Being a Prosumer

One of the significant advantages for prosumers is the ability to sell excess electric energy at competitive prices. This not only reduces energy expenses but also provides an additional income stream.

Electricity Pricing and Trading

For the electricity delivered to the electric grid, prosumers can receive a price equal to the weighted average price recorded in the Next Day Market in the previous year. Furthermore, there are regulations that facilitate the process of selling the produced electric energy.

Changing Your Supplier and Terminating the Contract

If you want to change your electric energy supplier, there are specific procedures and regulations that must be followed. Similarly, if you want to terminate the electricity sales-purchase contract, there are specific legal steps to be followed.

Billing and Compensation

Billing for the sold and consumed electric energy can be done using two methods: quantity compensation and financial compensation. Each has its own rules and benefits, and it’s important to understand the differences between them.

Green Certificates and Sustainability

Prosumers who own electric energy generation units from renewable sources can benefit from green certificates, which can be traded to generate additional income.

Becoming a prosumer in Romania offers several significant advantages, from generating additional income to contributing to a more sustainable energy future. However, it’s essential to understand the regulations and the necessary steps to maximize this opportunity.

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